Norwegian Masters of Horror

As a final salute and ending for two days of horror and mayhem – we have gather some of the Norwegian directors for a fun and entertaining panel to talk about Norwegian horror movies. The audience will have the chance to ask the panel questions and get DVDs, Blu-rays and other stuff signed. The Norwegian directors will be Roar Uthaug (Fritt vilt, Flukt), Patrik Syvertsen (Rovdyr, Prowl, Hellfjord), Morten Loke (Bread & Circus), Lars-Erik Lie (The Thrill of a Kill), Thomas Cappelen Malling (The ABCs of Death, Kommandør Treholt & ninjatroppen), César Ducasse (Mørke sjeler), Reinert Kiil (Hora, Inside the Whore) and Johnny Markussen (Xombies 3D). Be sure to join the party at this unique event that will find place at Oslo Fright Fest 2012.

The event will start 23.00 Saturday 17. November.

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Horror quiz with awesome prizes

Both Friday and Saturday at 19.00 we will have quiz at Oslo Fright Fest in the lobby – held by our quiz masters Eivind Norbom and Kay Olsen. We have great prizes delivered by great companies as Another World Entertainment, Fox Crime, Scanbox and Universal. Test your horror knowledge and bring home the goods!

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Oslo Fright Fest interview at Radio Nova

There will be an interview with Oslo Fright Fest’s Runar Pettersen at Radio Nova 10.30 Thursday 15. November. The radio show is called “Nova Noir” and is program all about film. We will talk about Oslo Fright Fest and horror movies. Tune in at or FM 99,3.

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Time schedule

LivideFor does of you in need of some good planing for Oslo Fright Fest – we got a time schedule for you with all details. This weekend is filled up with bloody good fun, so print it out and find your marker, so you don’t miss out something you want to see.

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Special effect artist Steinar Kaarstein to Oslo Fright Fest

Well known as a special effects and makeup artist from such movies as “The ABCs of Death”, “Død snø”, “Trolljegeren”, “Skjult”, “Fritt vilt III” and “Hellfjord” – Steinar Kaarstein will make a special appearance, joining up with director Thomas Cappelen Malling, after the screening of “The ABCs of Death”. Kaarstein will show of some of the effects used in “The ABCs of Death”, “Død snø” and some more. Check out his website at and be sure to be at the screening of “The ABCs of Death” 14.00 Saturday at Vika Kino. Tickets:

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Tickets out now

Most of the tickets are now out for sale. Be sure to get them while you can, as the seats are very limited. The tickets can be bought at

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Jasmin St. Claire signing session

Jasmin St. Claire will be signing DVDs and pictures after her movie “Swamp Zombies!!!” is finished. She will also be selling signed copys of “Swamp Zombies” at her stand. So be sure to pay her a visit in the lobby at 20.30 Saturday evening.

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Program med filmer og tidspunkter

Programmet med filmer og tidspunkter er nå klar og kan leses her:

Billetter koster 80,- film – 150,- stumfilmkonsert – 80,- Grindhouse dobbelvisning.
Billetter vil bli lagt ut fortløpende på

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The ABCs of Death to Oslo Fright Fest with guest Thomas Cappelen Malling

This will be a special screening of this brand new anthology movie, with the Norwegian director Thomas Cappelen Malling as a guest. Malling will tell us about the movie and answer questions from the audience. He will also show us behind the set of the movie. “The ABCs of Death” is an 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all it’s vicious wonder and brutal beauty. There is a lot of famous directors behind “The ABCs of Death”, and to mention a few we got Ti West (The Innkeepers, House of the Devil), Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun), Srdjan Spasojevic (A Sebian Film), Xavier Gens (Frontier(s)), Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl, RoboGeisha), Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter), Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse) and of course; our own Thomas Cappelen Malling (Kommandør Treholt & ninjatroppen). The movie is regarded a must-see by critics – so this is one happening you can’t miss.

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Cartoonist Kim Holm to Oslo Fright Fest 2012

Oslo Fright Fest has the pleasure of presenting cartoonist Kim Holm and his adaptation of the legendary H.P. Lovecraft’s short story “Pickman’s Model” at this year’s festival. Holm will present his comic book in a conversation with Norway’s grand heretic and scholar in all things Lovecraft; Didrik Søderlind – founder of the club and society “Kjettersk kjeller”.

This will be an inspired discussion about Holm’s comic and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos that has nurtured the imagination of writers such as Stephen King, video games as “Call of Cthulhu” and “Doom”, and films like “Re-Animator”, “City of the Living Dead” and more recently “Cabin in the Woods”.

Afterwards you will have possibility of purchasing the comic directly from mr. Holm. And for our non-Norwegian speaking attendees you will be pleased to know that comic is in English.

The presentation will find place in the lobby at Vika Kino, 16.00 on Saturday 17th November.

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